Development of HR Policies & Procedures

Writing effective, current and strategic policies and procedures for any organisation is vital. Many internal and external factors continue to impact the workforce, management and HR departments, such as changes in technology, labour laws and economic conditions.

HR Policies & Procedures are general statements that serve to guide decision-making and communication with employees. They reassure employees that they will be treated fairly and without prejudice, assist managers and HR to make consistent decisions and the confidence to resolve problems, knowing that they are following the policies and procedures set out by the organisation.

Developing, communicating and utilising sound HR Policies & Procedures is crucial for any organisation, ensuring the effective and fair management of employees. The Aicila Group can assist with the development and implementation of tailored policies and procedures for your organisation, in accordance with legislation and management requirements. We are experienced in building full suites of tailored policies including performance management guidelines, equal employment opportunity (EEO), remuneration, induction, training & education and the like.