Employee Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys are one of the most common employee surveys used by HR consultants, and are a key tool used to measure employee engagement and perceptions within a work environment. The purpose of conducting a climate survey is so that the results can be used by management to shape future activities and make informed decisions with a view to enhancing employee engagement and therefore enhancing productivity and overall business success.

Whilst not conclusive, the following list is an indicator of some of the areas an organisation can research:

  • Job satisfaction;
  • Leadership;
  • Remuneration and Rewards;
  • Cross-team collaboration;
  • Learning and Development;
  • Career progression;
  • Ethical standards;
  • Technology;
  • Co-workers;
  • Safety;
  • Flexibility; and
  • Resources.

The Aicila Group can assist with your Employee Engagement Surveys – tailoring them specifically to your organisation.