Organisational Design, Restructuring & Optimisation

A well designed organisational structure ensures that employees are aligned to the organisation’s vision, mission, strategy and so forth. Effective organizational structures assist in driving the strategic, operational and financial performance of any business.

Your organisation may require consultation on Organisational Design, Restructuring & Optimization

if some or all of the following challenges have been identified:

  • New skills and capabilities are needed to meet current or future operational requirements
  • Accountability for results are not clearly communicated and measurable resulting in subjective and biased performance appraisals.
  • Parts of the organisation are significantly over or under resourced
  • Internal communication is inconsistent, fragmented and inefficient.
  • Technology and/or innovation are creating changes in workflow and production processes.
  • Significant headcount increases or decreases are being contemplated.
  • Retaining employees in your organisation is difficult, employee turnover is high
  • Workforce productivity is stagnant or deteriorating
  • Morale is deteriorating