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Have you lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

If you have or are concerned you might lose your job in the coming months, now is the time to act.

Use your time wisely and make sure you have a comprehensive career plan ready for after COVID-19.

Personalised CV writing

LinkedIn Profile writing

Interview skills training

COVID-19 Career planning

What role are you looking for?

VeterinarianAnimal Health Sales RepVeterinary Nurse / TechnicianBusiness Unit Manager (CA, Equine, Livestock)Animal NutritionistLivestock Brand ManagerRuminant Sales RepRegulatory Affairs ManagerKey Account Managers - Pet, Poultry, LivestockPoultry NutritionistGeneral ManagerAnimal Nutrition & Health R&D / ScientistsSpecialist VeterinarianSales Manager (Companion Animal, Livestock)Veterinary Practice ManagerQA/QC ConsultantsTechnical Services VeterinarianCommercial DirectorsVeterinary Operations Managers

Aicila can help you.

Aicila Recruitment - Candidate Information Portal

Aicila CV Maker

For Animal Health/Nutrition and Veterinary Professionals.

The Aicila team are a dedicated team of consultants specialising in preparing candidates for their dream job. Our team’s expertise lies within the animal health / nutrition and veterinary sectors - globally.

Your personal brand is EVERYTHING. In the coming months, due to COVID-19, the number of candidates looking for employment is going to increase significantly, this means your competition is going to be high.

Professional, personalised CV writing from just $199

Book now and get ahead of the pack.


Early Career
(<5yrs work exp)

CV Writing LinkedIn Profile Writing Interview Skills Training COVID-19 Career Planning
AUD$149 AUD$79 AUD$79 AUD$79
(regular career planning session)

Mid Career
(5-15yrs work exp)

CV Writing LinkedIn Profile Writing Interview Skills Training COVID-19 Career Planning
AUD$249 AUD$129 AUD$129 AUD$129
(regular career planning session)

(>15yrs work exp)

CV Writing LinkedIn Profile Writing Interview Skills Training COVID-19 Career Planning
AUD$349 AUD$129 AUD$129 AUD$129
(regular career planning session)

Prices are in AUD (Australian dollars) excluding GST. View conversion rates.

Our global reach is extensive

No matter where you are located in the world, we can provide the Aicila CV Maker service to you - easily, efficiently and professionally. 

For over 10 years now, the team at Aicila have been actively supporting aspiring industry professionals from every corner of the globe to achieve their career goals - Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.

World Wide CV Writing Services

Aicila CV Maker Services

Personalised CV Writing

Personalised CV Writing

Our CV Maker Service is our core offering. For you, your CV is one of the most important tools in your ‘career planning/job seeker’ toolbox. It is the first piece of information a recruiter or a hiring manager sees that reflects who you are.

A decision to interview you (or NOT), can often be based solely on the detail in & the presentation of your CV. For this reason, a professionally presented CV that tells an accurate and compelling story about you and your achievements is critical.

We have different CV Maker packages based on your level of experience - so no matter if you are a graduate or a senior executive in a global role, we have you covered.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn Profile WritingThe next tool in the box is your LinkedIn profile. Again, does it reflect your personal brand? Does it accurately reflect your professional experience and interests? Is it consistent with your CV?

Our team are experts in navigating and getting the most out of LinkedIn, we also know what recruiters and hiring managers look for when searching for candidates on LinkedIn. We can help you get this right.

Interview Skills Training

Interview TrainingScroll To TopSo you’ve got this far, you’ve got a fabulous CV, your LinkedIn profile is professional and engaging and you’ve managed to create a personal brand for yourself, on paper and online that is.

Now, you are asked to attend a job interview. This is where you have to verbally convince a recruiter / hiring manager you are worthy of the job. How do you prepare? What areas of your career do you need to focus on discussing? How do you explain your level of skill?

Our team has collectively interviewed tens of thousands of candidates over the past 10 years. As an Add-on Service, we offer a one hour consultation designed to walk you through the key areas you must focus on during interviews and give you guidance on how to articulate yourself clearly and confidently in order to succeed.

Career Planning after COVID-19

Career PlanningNow you have the career planning / job seeker tool box ready to go and you are ready to stand out from the crowd, it’s time to plan your strategy for after COVID-19. Where do you start? What online sites can help you? What tricks exist to make your searching easier? What research do you need to do? What to apply for and when?

Our team have been working in the animal health / nutrition and veterinary sectors for more than 10 years now. We can effectively help you to plan to get back on track after COVID-19. We are here to support you and see you shine once again.

CV Writing Services

Are YOU prepared?

The Aicila team can help you stand out from the crowd.

No matter what country you live in, we can support you.

No matter the animal species you specialise in, we can support you.

No matter the functional experience you have, we can support you.

How it works!

  • Complete booking and payment form

  • Complete CV Questionnaire

  • One-on-one consultation with Aicila specialist

  • Review document draft(s)

  • Approve final CV/add-on services

Booking & Payment Form

Pricing is based on your career level, please select your career level accurately so we can provide the most suitable and effective service for your needs.

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