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Organisation HR Consulting

Design, Restructuring, Optimisation

Recruitment & Talent Management Strategy Development

Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Outplacement & Career Support

Design, Restructuring, Optimization

Workforce planning is crucial for any size organisation.

Depending on your need, you can choose our comprehensive workforce planning solution or engage us to perform individual components in your planning process – workforce segmentation, demand/supply analysis, gap analysis, strategy development.

We will help you design, restructure and optimise your workforce.

What are your organisation's strategic objectives? How do these objective affect your workforce? What is happening in the outside environment? What challenges do you face with your workforce? What are the skills of your current workforce and what skills do you actually need now and in the future? Where are the gaps?

These are just some of the questions we will ask to determine the most appropriate design and structure of your workforce to optimise business outcomes for you.


The Aicila Group - Areas of Expertise

Recruitment & Talent Management Strategy Development

An effective Recruitment Strategy impacts directly on the success of any organisation. Searching for and obtaining a pool of potential candidates with the desired knowledge, skills and experience an organisation requires can be a challenging task, especially in the animal health / animal nutrition and animal production sectors.


Securing the best candidate for a role can be a competitive advantage for an organisation yet choosing the wrong candidates can be detrimental to an organisation and a very costly exercise.

Aicila Consulting can assist you in the development of your Recruitment Strategy, ensuring your organisation has the necessary skills and knowledge to meet current and future strategic and operational requirements.

A robust Recruitment Strategy increases the pool of suitable candidates, enables the improvement of the overall selection process, positively impacts on the likelihood of the preferred candidate accepting the job offer and increases organisational effectiveness.

The time, effort and cost organisations take in selecting and on-boarding the right talent is significant. That's why we help to ensure that your talent have the best chance at succeeding.

We can assist you in developing your Talent Management Strategy so that you become proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your employees.

It is so important that your employees know what you expect of them, that they are given the right tools & support required to perform their jobs, that they feel engaged & valued and that they are recognised for their achievements & hard work.

If you get all this right, you have the best possible chance of driving performance across your whole organisation and retaining your team.


Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Leadership Development & Succession Planning is crucial in any organisation, big or small. Aicila Consulting can work in partnership with you to identify key roles for succession or replacement, define the knowledge, competencies and motivational profiles that are needed to undertake these roles in the future.

Our team can conduct impartial assessments of your existing employees against these specific criteria, identify talent who could transition into leadership positions.

We can also assist you in the development of leadership & mentorship programs so that individuals are ready when you need them to be, for advancement into key leadership positions.

Aicila Recruitment - Client Information Portal


Outplacement & Career Support

The Aicila Group offer a range of Outplacement and Career Support Services to provide personalised support and guidance for employees who have recently been made redundant and/or who need assistance in making a career transition.

Our Outplacement Services are designed to offer individuals the tools, strategies and pragmatic support they need to effectively navigate the market and to make a seamless transition from one company to the next.

Aicila Recruitment - Candidate Portal

The Aicila Group offer 3 distinct Outplacement Programs:

AICILA 'GOLD PACKAGE' is delivered over a 6 week period or less (as agreed) and is designed for non-executive level individuals.

AICILA 'PLATINUM PACKAGE' is delivered over 3 months and is designed for executive level/senior leaders .

AICILA 'GROUP PACKAGE' is designed for both small and large groups.

The program can be delivered on-site or via video link. Whatever you prefer.

The Aicila Group will spend time understanding the exact needs of our client in building a tailored Group Outplacement Services program for individuals exiting your organisation.

Our Outplacement Group Program typically consists a total 3 day intensive program with a group facilitator / career consultant in your country of choice.

 * While we specialise in Outplacement Services for the animal health / animal nutrition sectors, we are able to adapt our programs and approach to successfully deliver Outplacement Service to the broader life-sciences industry.


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