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Strategic Planning

Distribution Management, Planning & Execution

Customer Segmentation Modelling

Market Research Studies

Veterinary Technical Services

Business Introductions & Networking

Strategic planning


We have an excellent track record in building strategic business plans within the Veterinary, Animal Health / Nutrition and Animal Production sectors as well as implementing these plans on the ground, collaborating effectively with all key stakeholders and working with teams on an ongoing basis to drive performance.

While we work on consulting assignments all around the world, we have a particular strength in delivering these services to clients in Middle East region & emerging markets.


The Aicila Group - Areas of Expertise
The Aicila Group - Areas of Expertise

Distribution management, planning & execution

Aicila Consulting's Distribution Management, Planning & Execution offering brings together a suite of consulting service we can deliver to you.

Do you need to research a market?

What about segment that market and build a commercial strategy?

Do you have market access challenges you need resolved?

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, then please contact us now.

Aicila Consulting offer a suite of individually customised services to meet your needs.

Do you have difficulty building a successful partnership with your channel partners in a country?

What about demand creation - would you prefer to create your own demand?

Do you want to direct your technical strategy 'in-county' to support channel partner activities?

Aicila Consulting - Management Consulting

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, then please contact us now.

Aicila Consulting offer a suite of individually customised services to meet your needs.

Customer segmentation modelling

Our team is skilled at looking at things differently. Our customised approach to evaluating a market, to provide you with accurate and unbiased data is second to none.  If you are not sure what the 'true' market potential is for your product portfolio or you need data to justify a strategic initiative to drive commercial results, we can help.

No matter your therapeutic area or species type, we understand it. By understanding, we ask the right questions in order to give you the right answers.

Our team have the market knowledge and strategic acumen to bring together meaningful customer data whether you are looking to launch a new aquaculture vaccine, a feed additive for the livestock sector, an osteoarthritic product for the horse or camel racing sector or a veterinary remedy for the companion animal market, we have you covered.

If you are looking to define the routes to markets for your product categories, mark-ups throughout the channel, geographical spread of animals, farms sizes, key account purchasing power, segment opportunity and end-user opportunity, we can help.

As a first step in our offer to help build a commercial strategy for you, we will evaluate the entire market and segment it fully for you. No matter the species, we can deliver data....and lots of it.

Market research studies


Aicila Consulting can find out things that other can't. If you are needing insight into emerging markets we can help you.

Whether it be market research in the animal health/animal nutrition or any other related sector we can help.

Our expert team have a full working knowledge and understanding of the poultry industry, dairy/beef cattle, aquaculture or equine / companion animal markets across the Middle East, North Africa and the Asia Pacific.

We can assist you to get a clear picture of what's going on.

Aicila Consulting have an extensive network across the animal health/animal nutrition sectors and have the ability to professionally connect and interact with key stakeholders to deliver results for you.

Our stakeholder management extends the breadth of the industry - end-users, industry influencers/key decision makers, channel partners & supply chain.

Depending on your needs, our research projects can be customised and tailored to ensure we deliver results that assist you to overcome the challenges your business faces.

Veterinary technical services

The team at Aicila Consulting are able to mobilise technical support 'in-country' to meet your business needs.

We can provide technical support services to both manufacturers of animal health and nutrition products as well as to integrated farming operations & veterinary enterprises.

Do you need to run technical seminars in a new country? Or do you need to train you sales staff on animal health diseases in a new market that you have entered into?

Maybe you need to run field trials, or need a veterinarian on standby or as back up to support your current technical team's activity?

Perhaps you need to develop a training program for new farm veterinarians on biosecurity or disease diagnosis...

Aicila Consulting can help you to drive business outcomes through the effective delivery of technical services and support in whatever way you need.

Contact us now, so we can understand your technical needs and discuss a customised solution that works.

Business Introductions & networking

Do you want to sell animal health / animal nutrition products in another country?

Aicila Consulting can not only assist you with business introductions, we can provide you with an full overview of the channel partners you could engage with, in any particular country.


No matter if you are looking for agents, distributors or any other type of channel partner, we can help.

We expertly match your portfolio and business needs with the strengths and market coverage our network has. Aicila Consulting's area of strength when it comes to business development is the Middle East and North Africa.

Aicila Consulting - Management Consulting

We can take it one step forward and take over full management of your channel partner relationship in-country, tying our business introduction services to our Product Distribution Management, Planning & Distribution offering.

Talk to us now about how we can help you to grow your business in markets you never even imagined.

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