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About Us

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About Us

As a niche Human Resources and Management Consulting Services provider for the Animal Health/Nutrition and Animal Production industries, we would love to work with you.

Leadership, innovation, collaboration, service excellence, integrity and respect for individuals from all backgrounds are the values we live by every day.

We take the time to understand your needs and value working in strategic partnership with individuals and our Corporate Partners.

Living by our values, coupled with our focus on working in partnership with key stakeholders, ensures positive results are achieved for individuals, our clients, our industry and our team.

The Aicila Group offers a suite of professional services within the Animal Health/Nutrition and Animal Production industries globally. We deliver effective solutions to meet your business needs.

We help individuals reach their personal goals, and businesses reach their organisational objectives. We are unique because we care.

To provide HR and Management Consulting Services to world class Animal Health/Nutrition and Animal Production companies so that the most talented people and the best business practices can be introduced to the best companies around the world, contributing to an increase in industry standards.


Every interaction is personal. Our team works hard to provide a personalised solution for every engagement, ensuring the results are timely and effective.


We get it right. We deliver what we promise, every time. Our team has more than 130 years of combined experience exclusively in the Animal Health/ Nutrition and Animal Production sector, granting us a distinct advantage over other firms. Our approach is not generic – it is individually tailor-made, developed and adapted for each client based on requirements and scope.

Leadership: Aicila strives to continually create a sense of purpose and vision for our team and to be thought leaders for our industry. We translate strategy into challenging yet achievable objectives. We allocate our resources strategically across organisational, functional and geographical boundaries and make critical decisions to support our key objectives and ultimately our partners.

Innovation: Aicila is committed to driving innovation through its sound understanding of market dynamics, technological advances, cultural differences, intellectual capabilities, financial considerations and leadership qualities while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Collaboration: Aicila works cooperatively across all service boundaries to achieve company goals. We build and maintain strong relationships with team members and with our strategic partners.

Service Excellence: While working with integrity and humility, Aicila is driven to consistently deliver on our commitments. We demonstrate ownership of results within (and beyond) our areas of responsibility and accountability. We set clear and high expectations and we hold ourselves and others accountable for decisions / results achieved with tenacity and perseverance. We strive to develop contingency plans and meet the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Respect: Aicila is motivated and driven by being respectful of others, by responding, listening, being patient, asking the right questions and communicating effectively. We take a genuine interest in people.

Integrity: Irrespective of race, gender, religion, disability, sex or age, Aicila consistently strives to work to the highest moral and ethical standards. We believe everything we do is a statement about who we are as a service enterprise and as individuals.

The Aicila Group - Core Values

Areas of Expertise


We specialise in executive placement and permanent recruitment, working ‘in-country’ at the local level, regionally and globally to deliver exceptional candidates for all functions of business in our sector including:

  • C-level
  • Strategy
  • Merger & Aquisition
  • Business Development & Licensing
  • Salesforce Effectiveness/ Commercial Excellence
  • Commercial / Sales
  • Marketing
  • Technical & PV
  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Quality
  • Corporate & Government Affairs, Market Access

The Aicila Group - Areas of Expertise

The Aicila Group - Areas of Expertise

Meet the Team

The Aicila Group - Alicia Keenan


Managing Director
Global & Regional Executive Level Headhunting in Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East & Africa, LATAM, USA

 +61 416 890 346

The Aicila Group - Abdalla Al Bakri

Abdalla Al

Recruitment Consultant
Middle East/North Africa

 +962 7 9846 2499

Aicila Recruitment - Team - Sativana Suparyono


Recruitment Consultant
SE Asia Region

 +62 8111 130 577

The Aicila Group - Hamzeh Al Bakri

Al Bakri

IT & Digital Marketing Manager

 Skype: hamzehbakri_aicilagroup


Indonesia Recruitment Consultant

 Skype: intan.jovintry

The Aicila Group - Sharon Wimble


CRM / Database Manager
Sydney, Australia

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Aicila Group takes its role in corporate social responsibility seriously.

We contribute by; 

Promoting & contributing to the ongoing improvements to Animal Health / Nutrition and Animal Production Professions globally.

Providing support and access to services in Emerging Markets for individuals in need – career counselling, coaching, feedback, professional development planning.

Contributing to the challenges of improving global food security and the successful management of zoonotic disease treatments through establishing effective partnerships with Corporate Clients, SME’s and Individuals.

Encourage employee engagement in Aicila’s CSR initiatives by providing each employee a day of paid time off each year to participate in a volunteer program of their choice.

The development of initiatives to support refugee resettlement in local agricultural communities.

The Aicila Group - Corporate Social Responsibility

Careers at Aicila

Are you interested in discussing a career with Aicila? We would love to hear from you.

We are always on the look-out for energetic, talented individuals with an animal health / nutrition industry background who are interested in human resources/recruitment or management consulting.


Expressions of Interest

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