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Don’t Be A Cliché

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Phrases To Avoid On Your CV

There are a lot of overused phrases and clichés that waste valuable space on a CV. Here are some of our suggestions of what you can replace the following overused phrases with to demonstrate your strengths instead. Remember that the proof is in your results, and that is what employers are looking for.

  1. ‘I can work independently’: Autonomy is almost a given in today’s workplace.  It’s very common to see ‘I work well both independently and in groups’ on a resume. Let’s see more detail on how you execute that fact. For example, write ‘I independently conceptualised and rolled out a new strategy that increased sales by 17% in the first 6 months post launch’.
  1. ‘I am a hard worker’: So what. So are the other 200 applicants applying for this job. Show us the proof that you go above and beyond. What is the extent of going the extra mile? Instead of stating it, give an example that demonstrates it.
  1. ‘I work well under pressure’:Pressure is relative. Your idea of pressure and that of the hiring manager are probably going to be different. Instead, state ways that you manage your time to meet multiple deadlines, how you juggle your responsibilities and ways that you stay organised.
  1. ‘I am a good communicator’:This is an easy one to test early in the recruiting process for HR managers and hiring managers. So instead, why not make note of a presentation you gave that won a client or meetings you chaired that you kept on schedule.
  1. Enthusiastic: ardent, avid, devoted, eager, earnest, ebullient, excited, fervent, fervid, keen, lively, spirited, vigorous, wholehearted, zealous are more unique words to use. But better yet, describe a scenario that you threw yourself into and your successful outcome.
  1. Team Player:Instead show how you worked in a team to meet a specific goal. For example, ‘Worked with our international and local marketing teams to implement a global rebrand across 12 countries.’
  1. Excellent written communication skills:Your CV is going to be testament to this fact. So, there will be no need to state it blatantly like this, just ensure your CV is on point.

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