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What Makes the Perfect Team?

A great team is indispensable and plays an integral role in the success of every corporation. For this reason, it is essential to learn the elements of what makes up an ideal team. Problems with employees and misunderstandings regarding team dynamics can lead to higher training costs and lost productivity, but the knowledge on how to build a team can be put into practice, changing this scenario.

Defining Roles

Every person has their own unique ability to contribute and brings a specific set of talents to the table. Though it may take some time and dedication, it is crucial that each person’s abilities be used in such a way that it fits in with what others are doing. Every member is important and, when taken together as a whole, each piece works together. 

A company is like a piece of music, for example, and each person needs to play their instrument at the appropriate time. It is, therefore, immensely helpful for staffers to have a good comprehension of what others bring to the table as well. 

Accountability is paramount, but employers should take great pains to ensure this is done without censure or personal attacks. Also vital is that people not resort to surface-level assumptions but must resolve to dig deep and get to the root of an issue. Trust is an indispensable component to the process, and it is necessary that everyone maintain a good attitude. At its core, this system must be undergirded by a firm desire to see everyone reach their utmost success. 

Crafting a Perfect Team

Your hiring systems and recruiting agency are no doubt a foundational building block to putting the pieces in place to create your ideal staff. You want people who are passionate about your vision and who show loyalty and a strong tendency toward helping their co-workers overcome obstacles. Recruiting those who are driven to accomplishing goals that are both personal and related to the group as a whole is also a key strategy. 

Camaraderie is an ingredient can help shelter your organisation from adversity, as people will pull together despite challenges and setbacks. Mutual support cannot be underestimated and so often is the glue that holds people together during difficult projects. Though this is often the backdrop against which impressive stats and figures appear, the numbers alone do not hold the answers.

So-called soft skills such as personability and empathy are those which produce desirable results, and these can be located by a skilled recruiter. This cannot simply be deducted through a computer algorithm or by looking at a spreadsheet. It has to do with interaction, interpersonal skills, and an unshakeable will to persevere. 

How to Find These Elusive Traits

Much of what comprises the ideal worker has to do with attitude. You absolutely want a hard worker and someone with the skills to take your corporation to the next level, but a healthy combination of a positive outlook and excellence is the secret sauce. 

What this does not mean, however, is that you can’t improve the situation if you’ve employed people whose beliefs are negative. You can sponsor trainings to turn things around, and you can also search for clues as to what has gone wrong. They may be in need of assignments that are more attuned to their strengths or that encourage more creativity. Other underlying issues may be that they don’t feel heard or able to make changes in their work situation. 

Your workers with a high aptitude and who are positive will be the mainstay of your projects and are the future leaders. Those who also have impressive talents but are more negative may need help in this area to improve. It is often the case that these will be your most creative laborers, and you’ll want to harness their insights. In addition, they will often thrive when given more independence. 

Those who possess a great outlook but struggle in with performance can be groomed to assume a higher position in the future. They can be mentored by top performers until their potential rises to the surface. People who lack skills and are negative can still be given tasks that best suit them with, perhaps, with a lesser degree of group input and can also be assigned a mentor to help them in the areas they lack. 

Focused Leadership

Your action as a leader will drive the direction of the company, proving momentum, and you must always lead by endeavoring to go first. Service is a major component to your strategy as an example for others to follow. People need to see that you value others and that you see them as worthwhile. By focusing on potential for growth, you will help your employees to see it in themselves and in others as well. 

You’ll need to look for clues as to what is going on beneath the surface with issues that your employees may face. They may not even come to you, and you’ll have to remain observant as to their moods and actions. 

You need to be a force for good that stabilizes the various factors inherent to running a corporation, and you must be someone who strives for harmony. It is good to allow people to problem solve for themselves before bringing their issues to you, as this will promote a sense of agency and autonomy. 

Use a clear style of communication so that everyone feels heard and is also able to understand what is expected.  In this way, you can encourage team members to work together in a way that facilitates cooperation and minimal supervision. 

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Alicia Keenan is the Managing Director at The Aicila Group – a globally active and highly specialised animal health/nutrition and animal production recruitment and consulting company with HQ in Australia.

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