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What We Do

Executive Search/Headhunting & Contingent Recruitment

Market Mapping & Profiling

Capability & Candidate Assessments

Workforce Planning

Outplacement Services & Career Support

Executive Search & Permanent Recruitment

We are experts in permanent recruitment well as retained, executive leadership team level assignments, working ‘in-country’ at the local level, regionally and globally to deliver exceptional candidates for all functions of business in the animal, plant, food and life science sectors including:

Executive Leadership Teams


Merger & Aquisition

Business Development & Licensing

Salesforce Effectiveness / Commercial Excellence

Sales / Commercial

Marketing & Brand Management

Technical & Pharmacovigilance

Research & Development, Laboratory

Manufacturing & Processing

Supply Chain & Logistics

Corporate & Government Affairs, Market Access

Finance & Human Resources

Quality, Food Safety, Regulatory, Medical Affairs

Clinical Research


Our team works in close collaboration with our clients and with full transparency, ensuring their employer value proposition is accurately communicated, matching motivated and talented individuals with quality organisations.

Our global reach is extensive. We have successfully worked on assignments in over 60 countries around the world and we have an excellent network of talented individuals and strong market knowledge globally.

Our talent acquisition solutions begin here.

Service Tiers


The team at Aicila offer a wide range of recruitment services to meet your needs. Whether it be permanent recruitment (pay upon success) or Executive Leadership team level retained / headhunting assignment, we have options to suit your business requirements.

The Aicila Group have robust internal systems and processes in place to ensure you are engaged, kept informed and have full visibility of our activity in finding you the right talent, every time.

We are at the forefront of technology advances within the recruitment sector and utilise various tools and platforms too deliver timely result through innovation.

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of both our clients and our candidates, and with each type of Talent Management Service we offer, we strive to deliver on this commitment.



Market mapping & profiling

Aicila Consulting - Management Consulting



Our Market Mapping solutions enable organisations to get a better view of the current talent landscape.

Understanding the market and talent landscape is essential for those faced with identifying and recruiting candidates for scarce, niche and senior positions. For new market entrants, this information is invaluable.

Our Market Mapping solutions are often used by organisations whose internal talent team lacks the capacity or specialist skills but require additional support to boost the quality and quantity of candidates. Our solutions allow organisations to adopt a strategic rather than operational approach to attracting, hiring and retaining great talent and are fully customisable according to each organisations business need.

We can work alongside and compliment your in-house talent management team efforts, we can drive the success of your RPO engagement by providing valuable business intelligence to augment your RPO’s offering or we can engage on bespoke assignments.

Our clients often engage our Market Mapping solutions as a prelude to engaging Aicila to deliver contingent or retained search.



Capability assessments

Capability & Candidate Assessments are a crucial element in determining the ‘fit’ between a prospective employee, the job requirements, management, existing team and the organisation.

We offer a variety of assessment solutions depending on your need. Our solutions are tailored for every vacancy. Every time.

Aicila Recruitment - Client Information Portal

Workforce planning




Workforce planning is crucial for any size organisation.

Depending on your need, you can choose our comprehensive workforce planning solution or engage us for perform individual components in you planning process – workforce segmentation, demand/supply analysis, gap analysis, strategy development.

We will help you design, restructure and optimise your workforce.

What are your organisation's strategic objectives? How do these objectives affect your workforce? What is happening in the outside environment? What challenges do you face with your workforce? What are the skills of your current workforce and what skills do you actually need now and in the future? Where are the gaps?

These are just some of the questions we will ask to determine the most appropriate design and structure of your workforce to optimise business outcomes for you.

Outplacement services & career support

The Aicila Group offer a range of Outplacement and Career Support Services to provide personalised support and guidance for employees who have recently been made redundant and/or who need assistance in making a career transition.

Our Outplacement Services are designed to offer individuals the tools, strategies and pragmatic support they need to effectively navigate the market and to make a seamless transition from one company to the next.

Aicila Recruitment - Candidate Information Portal

Contact our management consulting team

The Aicila Group offer 3 distinct Outplacement Programs:

AICILA 'GOLD PACKAGE' is delivered over a 6 week period or less (as agreed) and is designed for non-executive level individuals.

AICILA 'PLATINUM PACKAGE' is delivered over 3 months and is designed for executive level/senior leaders .

AICILA 'GROUP PACKAGE' is designed for both small and large groups.

The program can be delivered on-site or via video link. Whatever you prefer.

The Aicila Group will spend time understanding the exact needs of our client in building a tailored Group Outplacement Services program for individuals exiting your organisation.

Our Outplacement Group Program typically consists a total 3 day intensive program with a group facilitator / career consultant in your country of choice.


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